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‘Bean there, done that’ is an original podcast series packed with practical
pointers for coffee shop owners – from the people who have seen it all.

Host Nasos Papadopoulos talks to six of the UK coffee industry’s
leading lights about what it takes to thrive as an independent.

Episode themes included:

Understanding your customers
How to capitalise on industry trends
How to buy better coffee from suppliers
How to use ‘coffee shop economics’ to run a profitable business
Operating a sustainable and ethical business
Training and developing your staff

My role involved coming up with a name/concept for the podcast and writing all the
supporting copy to promote each episode on social and the popular podcast platforms.

You can listen to the podcast here: 





Podcast Content: Nasos Papadopoulos
Copy: David Grenfell
Design/Art Direction: Martin Ruben
Creative Director: Sarah Long
Partnership Manager: Ben Goldman
Marketing Lead: Caroline Barbour