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98% of VitalityLife business is driven through Adviser sales. We were asked to come up with a creative concept to work in theAdviser space to help tell them about Vitality's innovative offering.

Advisers are time poor, they are creatures of habit, hesitant to change their ways and as such find VitalityLife to be complex and time consuming. Our task required us to explain VitalityLife’s unique position, to define the benefits for Adviser and to start to show how we can make their lives easier.

VitalityLife’s higher purpose is to make people healthier, as well as enhancing and protecting their lives. We want Advisers to lead this ‘living better’ movement as they will soon learn that VitalityLife is both easy to understand and better for business.

Here are the two concepts we presented.


‘The Facts of VitalityLife’ isn’t just a vehicle that allows us to be versatile with our messaging. It also extends effortlessly into other worlds.

From email to social, it has the legs to run for as long as we want without getting tired or boring. What's more, the facts are a great tool to help brokers sell the policies in to their clients. We also proposed compiling all the ‘Facts Of VitalityLife’ into an Adviser handbook.


Advisers have a lot of ingrained preconceptions about life insurance and how to sell it.
To get them on board with VitalityLife, we need to address these preconceptions
upfront to show them how they could benefit from changing their approach.

The client chose to develop this concept. Here are the first two print ads we produced.

Here are some other examples of press ads developed for the first client presentation.


Agency: Perfect Storm
Status: In development
Creative: David Grenfell & Lianne Rivett
Creative Director: Seb Hill
Account Management: Leila Roberts & Daisy Proctor
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