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After my agency’s PR-arm bagged the UEFA account, the creative department was tasked with coming up with a ‘big idea’ to get more girls playing and watching football. Working in a cross-discipline team, this was the winning idea from the process.

We started by thinking about the things that make football-people passionate about their sport; their clubs. Why not give girls around the world something tangiable to follow? Something that’s just for them. Something that brings them all together. Something that they can belong to. And what if that ‘thing to follow’ was the world’s biggest football club?

Girls United will be a global phenomenon. It’s an idea that you can take around the world with franchises in every major city.

The team will have cool, trendy kits and fresh, modern club colours.

Girls United also becomes a slogan for important social issues.

At grass roots level we’ll employ ambassadors from the women’s game to help promote the new brand.

  And we’ll create a central hub for girls to check-in with so they can learn new skills and find local places to play.


Agency: Frame
Concept: David Grenfell, Mark Hume, Campbell McKenzie
Design: Mark Hume, Paul Fotheringham
CD: Eilidh McDonald