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Investec Private Bank started over 40 years ago and today is a business of almost 8,000, still led by its founders. The story that got them there is quite incredible and until now, it has never been told.

Our brief was to help Investec Private Bank engender a sense of pride in Investec values and inspire staff to live up to the entrepreneurial 'Restless Spirit' that drives the bank. Financial films are notoriously dull. We wanted ours to be authentic to Investec’s story and personality in every way, dramatising how they are not like other banks.

On seeing the film for the first time, Investec-founder Bernard Kantor, was left deeply moved, lost for words and proclaimed that for the first time in over 40 years, the film has authentically captured the true essence of the bank.

'Imagination Needed' has since been shown to Investec staff around the world and now forms a key part of the induction programme ensuring the bank's culture and values are communicated and understood at every level.


Agency: BBD Perfect Storm
Creative: David Grenfell & Lianne Rivett
Creative Director: Seb Hill