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Independent Assessment Services (IAS) is the new brand name of the company who conduct Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Their job is to help DWP understand how a health condition or disability affects the daily life of someone applying for this important benefit.

During my time at Frame, I took on the role of lead copywriter on ATOS Healthcare, one of the agency’s newest and biggest clients. After years of negative publicity surrounding the politics of PIP, we had been brought in to help ATOS Healthcare rebrand as Independent Assessment Services.

In the first instance our remit was to give them a more professional look and feel with high accessibility and ease-of-use for claimants. We then undertook a comprehensive refresh and rewrite of all their internal and external comms.

Working with our senior designers, I helped develop and maintain a more knowledgeable, confident, compassionate and approachable tone-of-voice. Here are some examples of the pieces I worked on.

Claimant Information/Complaints Response Letters 
How we communicated with the claimants was perhaps the most important part of the process. We redesigned all our letters to make clear what IAS is and what we need the claimant to do, using simple, human language and helpful nudge boxes to break up the information into bitesize pieces. Any letter or leaflet sent out also had to be written to strict accessibility and comprehension guidelines. 

I then undertook a thorough review of all complaint letters IAS sent out, giving TOV/style recommendations and creating a training document for staff. I also helped implement a process of reviewing how claimants were reacting to these new communications so we could make the appropriate changes and improve our effectiveness.

Claimant communication doesn’t just end with our letters and leaflets. We developed a full suite of posters and signage for IAS’s rebranded consultation centres, and built a completely new online information hub.


When rebranding on a scale like this, it’s vitally important to keep our own people in the loop. To help our employees understand why we made the change and what it means, we created brand guidelines, staff and stakeholder guides, a site coordinator briefing pack and back office ‘crib sheets’. In addition, we also refreshed all the internal training items.

‘The Difference-Makers’ Recruitment Campaign

Like any organisation, Independent Assessment Services is only as good as its people. It’s these people who help deliver fair and accurate assessments. It’s these people who make true connections with our clients and claimants. It’s these people who are the heart and soul of our business.

We want prospective employees to understand the difference they can make if they work for us. We want them to rise to the challenges PIP assessments bring. And we want them to see how rewarding all this can be.

We decided to put IAS employees at the front and centre of our recruitment campaign. Because these people are the difference-makers. 

Homepage takeover

Recruitment Poster

‘A day in the life..’ Recruitent Guide 

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Agency: Frame
Copy: David Grenfell
Design/Art Direction: Dan Nielsen/Scott Cowan
Account Director: Richard Booth

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