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Our friends at IRN-BRU were looking for an idea to catch the imagination of Scots during the 2010 World Cup. However, the Scottish National Team had yet again failed to qualify. Could this be an unlikely opportunity to change the fortunes of Scottish football forever?

As football diehards, the Tartan Army have grown tired of the ‘what ifs’ as we mess up qualification after qualification. But what if we were to suggest something so ridiculous it might actually work? What if we were to encourage Brazilians to come to Scotland to have our babies and make us magic at football? And so ‘Bruzil. The Road to 2034’ was born...

We kicked off the campaign with an appeal to the good people of Brazil.

In the week running up to the tournament, we recruited Scottish legend Archie Gemmill to launch the campaign over here.

For the duration of the World Cup we launched a promotional can that ditched IRN-BRU’s orange and blue design
for a more Brazilian look. We also gave away some 2034 team kit in The Sun.

Films documenting each stage of the ‘process’ were then released online.

IRN-BRU loved the idea so much, they commissioned us to write a TV script for broadcast during the knockout stages.

All content was hosted on a bespoke Bruzil section of the IRN-BRU website.
The site housed the launch activity, a Bruzil blog during the tournament and a Bruzilian baby name generator.

We gave away a Campaign Handbook in the News of the World.

This included a Scots/Brazilian Phrasebook, a ‘Baby’s first’ chart and how to make a romantic Feijoada Supper recipe.

We projected some future Scotland stars (including my personal favourite, ‘Aberdinho’) on to buildings in Glasgow’s city centre.

Bruzil received scores of press coverage and The Scottish Sun even sent a reporter to Brazil to cover the story from a South American perspective.

Early campaign results

  • In the 5 weeks the campaign ran there were 300,280 unique views of Bruzil content on the IRN-BRU website.

  • There were a further 70,550 views of official content on YouTube. And 8,971 times on facebook.

  • 36,745 people generated 713,078 Bruzilian baby names.

  • Coke spent £3.4 million on their World Cup Campaign. IRN-BRU spent £150,000.

  • IRN-BRU was named as one of Marketing Week’s top five World Cup Campaigns. Coke was not.

  • And 5.1 million Big Match cans flew off the shelves in the 8 weeks around the World Cup.


Agency: Leith Agency
Concept & Creative: David Grenfell & Chris Scott
Creative Director: Gerry Farrell
Agency Producer: Les Watt & Ed Jeffreys
Film Director: Chris Scott
Production Company: MTP
Animator: James @ This Is Motion
Design: Stuart Whibley