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Every year, cocaine use in Scotland is becoming more and more widespread.
To help tackle the problem, the Scottish Government briefed us to warn young people considering taking the drug about the potential side effects.

We decided to play on the insight that taking cocaine is like taking a gamble. You just don’t know what you’re getting in that little bag. You might enjoy yourself one time, but it’s just as likely that you’re going to cause yourself serious damage.

In our cinema spot, we set out to really unsettle our audience. Using an unnerving soundscape and editing style, we brought the gamble to life as a creepy character deals out the terrible syptoms to the unsuspecting users.

These posters appeared in cinema foyers and pub toilets across the country.


Agency: Leith Agency
Copy/Art Direction: David Grenfell & Chris Scott
Creative Director: Gerry Farrell
Agency Producers: Kate Hope & Grant Byrne
Director: Mark Jewitt
Production Company: The Gate Films
Illustrator/Typographer: Steven Bonner